We encourage Innovation to cultivate Originality and Pursue new ideas and technologies and introduce the right processes and models to put them to work safely, quickly and efficiently.

Our Values

Continuously improving the standards and the diversity of our services for the common benefit of all stakeholders.

We recognize that our people are the foundation of our Business. We are dedicated to providing an environment that attracts, motivates and develops individuals and encourage co-operative efforts at every level and across all the activities in the Company. We create and implement a succession/ career progression planning program that clearly articulates corporate expectations and charts a course for employee development.

We strive to succeed because we love what we do. Great Business requires heart and dedication and we embrace and foster passion in every aspect of our business from Innovation and learning, to management and customer satisfaction, to employee and skills development.

An Organizations’s ability to create space for Innovation to grow in today’s marketplace is perhaps the greatest strategic advantage.

Our Promise

  • Delivering Quality, Safety and Reliability in meeting our clients’ needs
  • Value to Project through cost and planning optimization and effective risk management
  • Achieving highest standards of Corporate
  • Governance and transparency
  • High Returns to our Shareholders
  • Technological Innovation and World Class Engineering
  • Fostering Environmental Protection and sustainable Development.

Vision and Mission

We will invest to grow organically and inorganically to become Market Leaders providing engineering excellence to clients while achieving optimum Shareholder value, through commitment in delivering best practices in Corporate Governance and transparency.

To safely deliver quality products / projects, providing integrated design and engineering in Mechanical Engineering through our values, Innovation, People and Passion, while promoting environmental protection and sustainable communities development.

Our Capabilities

Seahorse maintains a large number of Field Supervisoryand Support Staff fully experienced in the construction of Marine, Refining, Petrochemical, Oil and Port facilities.

The Company's practice is to direct – hire construction craft personnel in all disciplines and subcontracting only speciality work as requested / required at the site. Direct control of the skilled labor provides Seahorse the ability to optimize control of Project cost and schedule.

Our Safety Statement

We make “NO” compromise with respect to MORALITY, ETHICS AND SAFETY. “If a design or work practice is perceived to be unsafe, we do not proceed until the issue is resolved”.