Our Team

John Pandyan

Mr. John Pandiyan is Founder and Managing Director of the Board of Seahorse Marine Engineering Pvt. Ltd.

Mr. John Pandiyan opened his Sparkling Career in a largest Shipyard and gained onsite exposure for about 15 years. He Founded a Flagship Marine and Engineering Company at Singapore during the year 2003 and took the company to leaps and bounds. He has been conferred as the best SME Entrepreneur for the year 2009 by the Singapore Authorities.

Mr. John Pandiyan is almost connected with every continent in the world due to his professional solutions, honesty, loyalty and above all simplicity. Mr. John Pandiyan's main mantra is “team work”. This has enabled him to command a loyal work force across the globe that can cater to the need of any situations with timely solutions. Mr. John Pandiyan a visionary has found that India will be the future of Marine & Engineering Industry. The reaction is the incorporation of Seahorse Marine Engineering Pvt. Ltd. Mr. John Pandiyan is also on a mission to train the workforce to match globally and hence has built a State of Art Institute near Kalpakkam, Tamil Nadu. This institute can extend Practical Training to a minimum of 50 in-house Trainees at any given time on engineering related works.


Mr. Graham ng. Singapore National, having a long and enviable record in the field of Logistics. Logistics is the area which helps the company to step into the next level and accordingly he has been given the portfolio to represent Seahorse Group.